Tik-Tok POV Video: Writing Exercise Video - My Finished Scene

As Tik-Tok begins to take its ranks as one of the most used apps in the world, despite not having a Tik-Tok myself, I still was bombarded with so. many. videos. So, I decided to take these semi-entertaining Tik-Toks and turn it into a writing exercise for myself! If you haven't watched my video, its shown REALLY BIG up above so go check that video out!

Tik-Tok videos range from dances, to political debates, and so many other genres. For this exercise, I decided to take a "POV (Point of View) Video that a Tik-Toker made/ prompted, and decided to write a scene encompassing that prompt. I read it to y'all in the video but just in case y'all wanted to read the final product - here it is. Enjoy!

Tik-Tok POV Prompt: She has agreed to be an experiment bc she's in love with the mad scientist. He attempts to give her the power of fire... It doesn't go well. - Credit to TikToker @devvyyy_

Tik-Tok POV Final Scene, Editorial Edge by Christine Harris:

David gave me an excited smile as he opened the door into his lab. I was always able to come into this room when I came over, but I just never did. I thought it was best to leave a man’s laboratory to himself. Of course, I thought once we married and I had to call him to help with dinner that I would one day come into this room, give him a kiss on the cheek, and pull him away from his work to be with me. Instead, I was now being escorted into his laboratory so he could perform what he calls, the most important experiment he’s ever conducted.

“Watch your step honey,” he said, holding onto my hand. I nodded just as I placed my foot on the step stool to get onto of the metal slab he needed me to lay on. My other hand held up my dress, draped down to cover my feet. I realized I should’ve chosen a different outfit. Pants perhaps would’ve been the better choice.

I twisted myself to face David, my body preparing to meet the cold table that was positioned in the center of his laboratory. His eyes were wide with excitement, so much so that I didn’t think he saw the fear that were in mine. I was glad. I didn’t want him to know I had my doubts at that moment. That I was afraid that this was to all go wrong. I trusted him. I had to. I love him. I was lying flat as a corpse on the metal table that my David has prepared. I was ready to be one of the proudest experiments he would have in his career. I wanted to see the light as bright as the one hanging above me at that moment, shine in his eyes when this was all over. When I overcome my fear of fire, by becoming the first to ever control it.

Even as I closed my eyes, I could hear David’s footsteps circling me. He was taping wires, or at least that’s what I thought they were, on my fingertips. On my toes. I felt the warmth of his breath as he taped another onto my temples, my shoulders, my heart. David was always such a gentle man. Just as the pressure of his fingers lifted from my chest, he placed a kiss on my lips. I opened my eyes briefly, just in time to see the smile on his face as he looked down at me, wires manically taped on my body. My sweet David. I returned the smile, my hand instinctively reaching out to his.

“Keep still my love,” he said, pushing my hand back onto the table, “It’s almost ready.”

I was hurt that I couldn’t touch him but I understood. I wanted everything to go perfectly. For myself, but mostly for David. For weeks he locked himself in this laboratory. Calling my cell to update me on his latest advancements for the experiment. Sometimes I was at my own home, watching TV when he called. Other times, I was fast asleep as it would be 4 in the morning. But that was my David. Working around the clock, just for me.

My eyes were closed again. David’s shuffling and the clicks of buttons sounded louder in my ears than it normally would. It was just nerves, I told myself. Enhancing my other senses as I tried to stay still, my eyes finding solace against the blackness that was before me.

“Are you ready my love?” David almost sang, “You are to be my greatest achievement. My muse, my trophy, my masterpiece!”

I smiled. I loved the way he talked. Always dramatized. But I loved it. He talked of me as if I were the only woman in his world. And that was what made me fall for him so deeply.

I nodded, my eyes still closed. I trusted him, I had too, I love him, I reminded myself.

David had let out a heavy breath, the sound of a lever being pulled echoed in the room. I found myself squinting my already closed eyes. The feeling one gets when looking down a drop of a roller coaster engulfed my body. David’s instructions to stay still rang in my ears. It was cold at first as if I had swum in a body of ice water. And then the burning erupted.

First, it was in my toes. It traveled up to my fingertips. I couldn’t hold it anymore. I was going to let my sweet David down. My body had lost control of itself. I know I screamed at the pain but I couldn’t hear anything anymore. I couldn’t see my David. I couldn’t even see the bright light above me. I would have never guessed that the last thing I saw before I died was the fire I had created in my dear David’s laboratory.


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