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With over 100 books and counting, Editorial Edge by Christine Harris presents the Black Fiction Directory, a hub of fictional books and stories of EVERY genre and reading level written by Black authors all over the world. This directory is constantly adding new books and authors every week in order to supply you all with easy access to support and diversify your new fictional reads. Organized by genre and reading level, the Black Fiction Directory is here to be a resource to readers of all ages to open you all up to the plethora of Black books to read, Black authors to support, as well as Black-Owned Bookstores to order from.

As a Black reader, writer, creator, and advocate, it was important for me to not only use my platform to share the books I've read from Black authors but to create a community where everyone can add to, see, read, and buy Black fiction from Black people. As I'm writing this post to share my directory with you all, the main reason I created this was because I saw a trend from many publishing companies and widely known bookstores curate and share books, mainly nonfiction books, about race and racism in light of the current events following the murder of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and unfortunately, so many other Black people who have fallen due to police violence.

I created and plan to upkeep this directory to give everyone a FREE outlet to search and find a new piece of fiction written by Black authors whenever they need a new read. I find that it is not only important to educate yourselves, especially for non-Black, white and/ or POC folx, about the issues of racism through works of non-fiction but to also support, read, and learn from the stories of Black people through fictional characters, plots, and just overall, reinforce the importance of Black people creatively sharing stories of Black experiences in works of fiction.

For many who are not well-versed in the publishing/ book/ author community, not only is there a lack of Black authors in this industry, Black authors and books are generally not marketed or pushed for as hard compared to white authors and books. A look into the publishing industry as a whole shows the staggering inequities, lack of diversity, and shows how skewed its representation is amongst work surrounding books are in general.

Therefore, I hope that this directory reaches the homes of many book readers, especially ones dedicated to supporting and educating themselves around the issues and inequities Black communities across the world experience and face, and gives everyone a chance to pick up a new book written by Black authors as well as give everyone a chance to learn about and support the Black-Owned bookstores in their city.

As a new blogger and content creator, I do not have the platform or numbers in order to receive revenue off of ads and other means of income from posting online content so although this directory is free, I hope you all can support me as well by subscribing to my blog and my Youtube channel, both of which are found on this site, and if you all are willing and able, I want to announce that I am accepting donations/ compensation for the creation and upkeep of this directory. More information regarding this aspect is described below for your reference.

I hope you all enjoy this directory as much as I enjoyed creating and designing it. As mentioned, this directory will constantly be adding new books so you will never run out of suggestions to read! Please read the introduction and disclaimer I put on the actual directory as it will guide you on how to navigate and use it with ease.

Thank you all so much for supporting me, Editorial Edge, and my mission to uplift and support my community. To those who are planning to donate and support me financially, thank you so much in advance and it doesn't go without a humble acceptance and appreciation as I know times are difficult especially all things considered.

Please comment, give me feedback on how to improve this directory, suggest a book, or just voice your opinions and let me know how I can support other Black creators and owners out there.

Sending everyone my love and support from behind the screen.

Presenting the Editorial Edge Black Fiction Directory:

Until next time,

Bye Y'all.

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